Wednesday, February 15, 2006

SIANspheric: RGB (Sonic Unyon)
release: February 21, 2006 (USA)

Retrospective CD: ****
Retrospective DVD: 1/2*

Canadian space-rock band SIANspheric, who released a small handful of records through various line-up changes within the past decade, isn't interesting enough for a retrospective that supposedly documents "petty in-fighting, drug-abuse, break-ups and cash-grab reunions." (Spacemen 3 they are not!) If they really are worthy of a Behind the Music-type feature, the footage of the band sure doesn't show it. In fact, it's difficult to figure out what in the world is even going on in the footage on the DVD. Here's a stab at it though: In the early days the band members, who are never identified, drive to some gigs, two of them get really high, they play some really shitty shows. Audience members are even quoted about it being so awful. Nothing happens 1997-1999 (the "black years"). The rest is some super boring live footage and interviews where the band members are again not identified and continue to act far less mysterious and cool than you were hoping for. The two pretentious short films have little to do with the band and there's only one music video here worth watching. Bummer.

The audio portion of RGB does a much better job representing the most compelling components of the band, like the buzzing that comes from its guitars and the heavy reverb on its vocals. The 15 tracks, including a few unreleased, are a satisfying introductory to the band. If the DVD hasn't already tainted the perception of SIANsperic, put on the CD, close your eyes or create your own simple visuals using a flashlight and some hand puppets. -Kenyon

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