Sunday, October 29, 2006

CMJ....i am so not there. i am so going to bed.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Girl you know it's so new.

Eddie Vedder: "Goodbye". Never before released solo track from Eddie Vedder on...ukelele? From the soundtrack to A Brokedown Melody, a film about surfing out on Brushfire, November 14. listen HERE or HERE.
Riding Paper Airplanes: "Homecoming Weekend in a Small Town" (New Wine) record released September 19, 2006. many positives for this solo project from John Wu. he's based in Seattle, WA, the name he goes under rules, and he applies the familiar warm synth we all love. this track is to 2006 like Dream Academy's "Life in a Northern Town" was to 1986.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Mahogany: Connectivity! (Darla)
release: October 30, 2006
styles: Ethereal Ambient Pop
similar: Pale Saints, Lush, early Sigur Ros, Flowchart, Serena Maneesh
rating: ****

That exclamation point at the end of the title to Mahogany's long, LONG, awaited follow-up to its debut deserves to be there. Although Memory Column, a compilation of EPs and singles, held many of us over for a little while, it is Connectivity! that is a pleasure to finally experience as well as to compare to My Bloody Valentine's Loveless, if only for taking so long to record. There hasn't been any earth-shattering changes in Mahogany's sound, which is just fine. All the familiar elements are here: delicate male-female vocals, twinkly guitar and synth-electro percussion. What's most welcoming, however, is a slight departure into a frolicking, almost folk-electro-rock piece that could be Belle & Sebastian backed by, um, Mahogany. La la love it. A second disc includes three remixes (one with Robin Guthrie!) and three videos. Goody. -Kenyon
girl you know it's NEW.

the Horrors. EP out today. garage-punk-goth-noise-rock n roll.

today is my birthday. and on MY BIRTHDAY it's a pretty terrible day for record releases. so far it looks like the best thing out today is the Horrors. aside from the Blow (K records) just look at what we've got:

My Chemical Romance - please, enough promotion for this already
Brooke Hogan - daughter of Hulk Hogan. no really.
Skid Row - no really. so serial. but without Sebastian Bach. those idiots!
Winger - also serial.

damn, thank goodness for some terrifying, abrasive garage rock people from the UK.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Your Black Star at Masonic Temple, Smithtown October 22. They're from Louisville, Kentucky, so naturally they know My Morning Jacket. In fact they went to high school with Jim James. These guys don't have Southern accents though. We agreed that was just a stereotype. I agree with myself that the bass and some of the guitar pedals rock like Swervedriver.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Klaxons: Xan Valleys EP (Modular)
release: October 17, 2006
styles: rock n rave
rating: **

A dance rock band from the UK that encourages use of glowsticks at shows. Maybe this will work in the UK but glowsticks haven't been out of fashion long enough for a comeback. The only track of the six that deserves a spot in a DJ's set is the remix of "Gravity's Rainbow", though it's an additional copy of Daft Punk. Given they want to "invent a genre that was shorter-lived than electroclash," the Klaxons are a very British party band that is too aware of where its from and where it wants to go and so set on a masterplan that it could kill the whole party by midnight. Snore. -Kenyon

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

girl you know it's NEW

…And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead: "Wasted State of Mind". record out November 14, 2006. ASX or RAM. rock it.
Faces on Film: "Famous Last Words"
Built to Spill meets the Gandharvas with a wack marching band. oh you never heard of Gandharvas? whoops, sorry!
TV on the Radio: "Province"
"just like autumn leaves we're in for change"...lyrics...not bad. TV on the Radio has been one of the more overrated buzzy bands the last few years. when i saw them open for interpol i didn't think it was a big deal. "Province" has got soul, sensitivity and...David Bowie. yes, David Bowie.

speaking of Bowie, he will be voicing a character on Spongebob. there has got to be a humorous blurb to write here.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Ima Robot: Monument to the Masses (Virgin)
release: September 12, 2006
styles: hand clappy electro dance rock
similar: Public Image Limited, Hot Hot Heat, the Futureheads, the Bravery. rating: ****

According to the press release, record labels who originally took interest in the fun, peppy Ima Robot didn't know what to do with them. It's unexpected that Virgin is still holding on to them, given that they don't sell anywhere near a million records. Ima Robot, after rocking people's socks off while touring with the Raveonettes, seemed destined to move to a small indie label despite a debut with more energy than most of Virgin's current roster. The band--who have since modified its line-up--were quiet long enough to think they were now waiting tables at the local hipster restaurant. So it's with happy happy joy that the Los Angeles group finally got around to releasing another record with dance-party written all over it. Although "Creeps Me Out" is the first single, opener "Disconnect" is as lively and memorable as the debut record's "Alive." Even though some of Monument to the Masses (not to be confused with Depeche Mode's Music for the Masses) contains just a couple lyrical themes we've heard enough times, Ima Robot has so much punky spunk that it never ever is an issue. After the slower, romancing "Lovers in Captivity," Monument proves to be a worthwhile sophomore effort that is able to replicate the excitement of the debut. Let's hope Virgin records is good to them. -Kenyon

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Depeche Mode: Touring the Angel- Live in Milan (Sire/Reprise)
release: September 26, 2006
rating: ****

It was around 1993-4 that Depeche Mode went through some major changes- Alan Wilder left the band after Songs of Faith and Devotion, Dave Gahan was dealing with personal issues (drugs), Martin Gore picked up guitar and they brought in live drums. Andy Fletcher was...well, you know. While Depeche Mode 101 was the group's defining concert moment, Touring the Angel captures the band comfortably adjusted to the changes from years ago, as well as proving them to still be a significant veteran artist that can fill an arena (in Milan I'm sure they are more appreciated than the US by more people). With a stage lighted mostly with deep, darkish muted (hey, first time i'm using that word) reds, blues and greens, the three original members, along with a live drummer and additional keyboard player, made the right choices for the setlist. I wouldn't want to know the setlist before a concert even if it's a dvd, so I'm not going to spoil anything. Let's just say that the first half, while it features a few of their best songs, is worth the wait to get to the second half, which is full of non-stop hits. This includes a couple of surprise, lesser-known songs sung by Martin Gore, who isn't the best performer due to his weird, unexciting hand movements, but has a beautiful voice to make up for it. Having seen them on this tour nearly a year ago, I felt a little disconnected from the show, but that was probably because my seat was so far away. I started feeling the same way when this video started (mainly because of the editing and effects) but because of their original sound and fantastic songs, it wasn't too long until DM reminded me why I liked them so much in the first place and why they are one of the best and most longlasting bands to come out of the new wave era. -Kenyon

and now for those like me yearning for the Mode's heyday, here's "Everything Counts" from 101 (1988).

Friday, October 06, 2006

classic vintage video.
Juliana Hatfield- "Everybody Loves Me But You" (1992)

How could you not have a crush on Juliana Hatfield. Especially after she was in the Christmas episode of My So-Called Life. The person she's singing about doesn't have a crush on her or love her. Perhaps we should meet and greet this individual.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

we make ritual noise. Covenant and lots more at Third Ward in Brooklyn, 9.30.06.

Covenant- Swedish EBM band. not metal, not a movie

all night three-plus rooms of underground club type things in the middle of an industrial-storage-Judgement Night-type area in Brooklyn. Aside from some technical issues in rooms 2 and 3 and the three flights of tedious stairs, the night appeared to be succesful. 10-2 was solid as Shannon got the dance party started in room 3 and Rotersand lead off in the big "main chamber." I spun 11-12 to a very receptive and knowledgeable crowd, who actually danced to Gary Numan "Are Friends Electric", Interpol "PDA" and Merge "Lost in Eternity." I had missed Imperative Reaction (another Metropolis band) while DJing, but got to see most of Covenant's set, which included Call the Ships to Port, Dead Stars, Ritual Noise, Stalker. After the trio's main set I finally got to see in person what bands do before they come back for an encore. Not much, they chill for a minute and wipe their head with a towel. -Kenyon

Rotersand- exterminate, annihilate, destroy.

Kenyon- dance, dance, dance