Wednesday, October 04, 2006

we make ritual noise. Covenant and lots more at Third Ward in Brooklyn, 9.30.06.

Covenant- Swedish EBM band. not metal, not a movie

all night three-plus rooms of underground club type things in the middle of an industrial-storage-Judgement Night-type area in Brooklyn. Aside from some technical issues in rooms 2 and 3 and the three flights of tedious stairs, the night appeared to be succesful. 10-2 was solid as Shannon got the dance party started in room 3 and Rotersand lead off in the big "main chamber." I spun 11-12 to a very receptive and knowledgeable crowd, who actually danced to Gary Numan "Are Friends Electric", Interpol "PDA" and Merge "Lost in Eternity." I had missed Imperative Reaction (another Metropolis band) while DJing, but got to see most of Covenant's set, which included Call the Ships to Port, Dead Stars, Ritual Noise, Stalker. After the trio's main set I finally got to see in person what bands do before they come back for an encore. Not much, they chill for a minute and wipe their head with a towel. -Kenyon

Rotersand- exterminate, annihilate, destroy.

Kenyon- dance, dance, dance

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