Friday, October 20, 2006

Klaxons: Xan Valleys EP (Modular)
release: October 17, 2006
styles: rock n rave
rating: **

A dance rock band from the UK that encourages use of glowsticks at shows. Maybe this will work in the UK but glowsticks haven't been out of fashion long enough for a comeback. The only track of the six that deserves a spot in a DJ's set is the remix of "Gravity's Rainbow", though it's an additional copy of Daft Punk. Given they want to "invent a genre that was shorter-lived than electroclash," the Klaxons are a very British party band that is too aware of where its from and where it wants to go and so set on a masterplan that it could kill the whole party by midnight. Snore. -Kenyon

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