Friday, June 16, 2006

new music/mp3/video in the houuuuussseeee.

Razorlight- "In the Morning" (from upcoming record due this summer) dudes, your name is very post-grunge. ok cool, so, British post-dance rock. let's do it.

Snow Patrol- "Chasing Cars." [real player] [windows] (from the record Eyes Open, out may 9) I remember when Snow Patrol was just some random indie rock band on the respected Jeepster label and now they're like big epic melancholy rock on a major label. fudge

Evermore- "It's Too Late" (from the record Dreams, out may 23) Evermore is HUGE in Australia. come on! how could you not know that?! style similar to Keane, band name similar to Nevermore.

Boy Eats Drum Machine- various streaming tracks. BEDM is little in Portland Oregon. usually indie-electronic-turntablism like this is set aside for vocals that are real cutesy. this guy's vocals are a little throaty, but the chorus hook for "let's get lost sometime" is pretty spectacular.


Andrew said...

I like the sound of Razorlight. Thanks for sharing.


BethInPortland said...

I love Boy Eats Drum Machine! They are even better live!