Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Couch: Figur 5 (Morr Music)
release: June 13, 2006
styles: Post-Rock, Experimental

similar: Fridge, Appliance, other artists on Morr Music
rating: ***

Couch's music is much better than its name. One of many post-rock artists to come out of Germany, the band is just as skilled with the rock as it is with the electronics. On fifth outing Figur 5, they demonstrate this by exploring each method, sometimes separately, other times combining guitars with synth-bass and electronic percussion. What's nice about Figur 5 is that the tracks never sound like an improvised entanglement that goes on forever but instead a set of tight, well-configured designs. Plus it's on Morr Music, so..duh! -Kenyon

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