Thursday, June 29, 2006

Every little thing that you say or do.
Madonna at Madison Square Garden, NYC. June 28, 2006
photos by Kenyon from section 424.

If her previous record was shit, Madonna's 2005 release Confessions on a Dancefloor is THE shit. Like the flowing trance-based tracks on Confessions, the event--Madonna's first date in New York City on this tour--was a non-stop run of glittery disco-electro dance that featured a whirlwind of lights, dancefloors with lights, dancefloors with trap doors, dancers doing headspins and gliding on rollerblades, and moving stage floors. Just when you thought the visuals at U2 and Nine Inch Nails had blown your mind, Madonna takes it one step further, without looking back at much of her past if only to modify it. When she did treat us to classic hits ("Like a Virgin" and "Lucky Star"), it was in an updated fashion that would fit in with the rest of her latest style. The new, more uptempo songs from Confessions were just as exciting as "Ray of Light" or "Music," the latter of which was mashed-up with "Disco Inferno." After an unbelievable 2 hours with no real breaks for an encore (although Madonna did get breathers while the visuals on screens took over or other people danced or sang), "Lucky Star" segued into "Hung Up" for a strong finish that had everyone singing about time moving slowly. Yea, she was on a cross for "Live to Tell." Calm down.

set list included: Confessions on a Dancefloor, Like a Virgin, Live to Tell, Ray of Light, Music, Lucky Star, La Isla Bonita

crowd report: we had a wave going just before showtime, hell yea! gay guy next to me says to his friend- "oh i have to call Francesco during "Sorry." blech. girl in front of me was friendly. Overall the usual but not bad, and definitely the most enthusiastic crowd at MSG i can remember, with the wave and all.

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