Tuesday, September 23, 2008

drive it all over me OR soft as snow (but loud as hell)
my bloody valentine
live Roseland New York 9.22.08

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It has already been an incredible year of concerts, with bands regrouping after an extended hiatus (The Verve, Swervedriver) and the Cure playing Radio City. my bloody valentine, the band that we always hoped and dreamed would finally be active, blew away everything in 2008's path like a damn tsunami. For the countless bands they influenced, mbv showed them all how it's done. And how you do it LOUD AS SHIT, which i think for many people will be the most memorable element.

mbv live was nothing short of a religious experience. Unreal and surreal. So mind-blowing that the two shitty opening bands would be forgotten five minutes into mbv's set. And what the hell was up with those openers? jesus. mbv, one of the most important bands in rock history could have chose anyone they wanted. Instead they make us sit--no, STAND--for over two hours of boringness. Thanks for warning us there would be two generic opening bands! i still don't know the bands' names and i don't care. i think the first one, at least the singer, was French. They were OKAY. But the second band, ugh. When the girl appeared with a flute, i was like, oh ok cool, the flute is for mbv. But no. Even with J Mascis jamming with them at the end it was still the most monotonous time-waster in history. Sorry guys, but you really were not appropriate for this show. Congrats though anyways!

As far as the actual songs/music from mbv, it was off the charts. The vocals, especially Bilinda's soft voice, were way buried, as it should be. Colm was sick on drums and Debbie was pounding on the bass. Kevin Shields was Kevin Shields, werd. Loveless being the hailed album, the ones they definitely played from that were (not in order) --- only shallow, soon, come in alone, to here knows when, when you sleep, i only said (opening song). i'll wait to find a setlist before i mangle what was played from Isn't Anything, but they did play one of my favorite pre-Loveless songs, "slow." Songs i wanted to hear, didn't play - blown a wish, things i miss, can i touch you.

*update* official set list- i only said, when you sleep, you never should, when you wake, cigarette on your bed, come in alone, only shallow, thorn, nothing much to lose, to here knows when, slow, soon, feed me with your kiss, you made me realise. [blown a wish and sueisfine was on list but crossed out].

And i know we will never forget the 15 minutes of rumbling jet-engine level noise they had the balls to unleash on us. You could feel the air vibrating, no shit. Does someone have the exact timing of it? i say 15 minutes. my friend says it was only 7. felt like 30. i think the concept of time was disabled during that moment. wow.

nick from yeah yeah yeahs was there. second time we've met!


runaway dorothy said...

That show was sick! I could have stood for more vocals though. And the noise was way longer than seven minutes. I would guess around twenty to be honest. Long enough and loud enough to fill it in my throat.

Unknown said...

I checked my phone, the feedback went on for more than 15 mins. Absolutely amazing set.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the second band was Wounded Knee and I think Kevin's younger brother was the singer/guitarist. MBV killed.

K said...

Hey man, great review.I'm working on one myself.

According to my watch, the noise started at 11:09pm and ended at 11:24