Monday, September 01, 2008

The Meadows [Los Angeles] - They sold me when i heard their cover of the Posies' "Dream All Day." Their version as well as the originals showcase the LA artists' Americana-Country-Pop. The pop side was pop enough to be on that Lifetime show Army Wives very recently. www.myspace.com/themeadows

ForceField On - [Long beach, CA] - The trombones are the centerpiece of this chamber-indie band, whose members have a wild range of credits with other artists (Calexico and Lampchop to All American Rejects and Neville Staple of the Specials.] they're true. honest. not trying to be the latest thing. it's on! www.myspace.com/forcefieldon

Mike Keane - [Milwaukee] On his website it reads: "Mike Keane allows taping at virtually all of his live performances." He is that cool. The songwriter is currently kicking the asses of coffee shop folk in Milwaukee Wisconsin with his sax-player friend. He's got no myspace. Now that is impressive. http://www.mikekeane.net

Millsted - [New York, NY] I'm thinking Hot Hot Heat meets Fishbone here. Hot! Millsted's assault is tight and professional, soon to be a band to watch on the NYC circuit. Make me wanna pogo. www.myspace.com/Millsted

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