Sunday, September 14, 2008

SHOUT OUT OUT OUT OUT - the electronic, vocoder-abusive band going on tour tour tour tour. ha that was so funny i forgot to laugh. The Canadian group had one of the coolest releases of 2006 and the Shouts got new sounds on the horizon. Check new track at the myspacey.

NEW YORK, NY: CMJ, October 22-25
LONDON, ON: Call the Office, October 26 w/ Stereo Image
WATERLOO, ON: Starlight, October 27 w/ Stereo Image
OTTAWA, ON: Barrymores, October 28 w/ Stereo Image
MONTREAL, QC: Les Saints, October 29 w/ Stereo Image
TORONTO, ON: LeeÕs Palace October 30 w/ Stereo Image
CHICAGO, IL: TBA, October 31 w/ San Serac
MINNEAPOLIS, MN: TBA, November 1 w/ San Serac
WINNIPEG, MB: Pyramid, November 2 w/ San Serac
SASKATOON, SK: Louis Pub, November 3 w/ San Serac

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