Saturday, September 06, 2008

Sam Champion. The name sounded familiar. Sam Champion is a weatherman on TV. Sam Champion the band is from New York. Sam Champion that's on TV is gonna be pissed. It took days for him to come up with that name. As for this indie rock band, "Like a Secret" is bound to receive comparisons to Pavement and--not just cause of the song title--Built to Spill. Their second album, Heavenly Bender, was released a few days ago via North Street. www.myspace.com/samchampion

tour dates:
September 14 DC9 - Washington, DC
September 15 Local 506 - Chapel Hill, NC
September 16 Village Tavern - Mt. Pleasant, SC
September 17 CafĂ© Eleven – St. Augustine, FL
September 19 Emo’s – Austin, TX
September 24 Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL
October 2 Mercury Lounge - NYC (w/Hymns)

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