Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Subways
All or Nothing (Sire/WB)
release: September 9, 2008
style: immense daring rock
similar: JJ72, Von Bondies, Muse
[rating: ***1/2] Don't let the record label name fool you. The UK rock trio's second album, piloted by producer extraordinaire Butch Vig, holds nothing back. The metal riffs of "Girls & Boys" (not the Blur song) will throw some of us off, though leaves no question that the band isn't playing around. "Kalifornia" continues with big riffs, though adds harmonies that should be expected from a song with that title. Just when the towering wave of rock threatens to engulf the young Subways, a handful of unplugged songs enter, such as "Move to Newlyn," which reflects on life in the UK. Aside from some hideous screaming in "Turnaround," not a moment is wasted. If All or Nothing doesn't establish them as a serious rock band (in the UK at least), nothing will. -Kenyon

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