Wednesday, March 07, 2007

i should probably be blogging about Arcade Fire this week, right? .....whoops!

girl you know it's new.

The Noisettes- "Mind the Gap" (from upcoming record out April 17 on Universal) I can't say that I've heard a song like this in the past month, possibly in the past six. Not to say that "Mind the Gap" is blowing my mind. But its punk is more arty than the Yeah Yeah Yeahs , as dizzying as Deerhoof and almost as experimental as any big '70s prog rock band. They'll be on tour with TV on the Radio, which makes total sense.
Mouthful of Bees- "The Now" from the End (out now on Afternoon Records) Mouthful of Bees? what WILL they think of next!? oh those crazy kids. lo-fi rock n roll with a '60s backbone. though halfway into the song i forgot the vocals were even present.

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Paperslut said...

I've heard so much about this band, it's about time I got their music.

Nice post.