Friday, March 16, 2007

4hero: Play With the Changes (Milan)
release: February 27, 2007
style: electronic progressive soul
rating: ***
Artists who are mainly the producers while using various guest voices is usually an interesting concept leading to a diverse album. UNKLE and Massive Attack are a couple that have been successful with the formula (minus that last MA record!) and 4hero (not to be confused with rock band 764-Hero) can be added to the short list. Known in the London area for their jungle/drum 'n' bass, 4hero has adapted proficiently to modern soul with drum 'n' bass-type beats (aka the latest style, "broken beat"). If the soul singers on American Idol want to sound 2007, they might want to consider pursuing this path instead of singing an Aretha Franklin song for for the millionth time. -Kenyon
Prosser: s/t (Clickpop/SpinART)
release: March 13, 2007
style: soft country folk rock
rating: **1/2
This project from ex-Delay member Eric Woodruff doesn't do enough to stand out from any other drifty country-indie rock hybrid. Here and there, he does find his way on this mostly slower-paced album that nestles in a wilderness with bears so friendly he can ride them. -Kenyon


Anonymous said...

you're a moron. album artwork doesn't factor into an albums sound. why do they let you write such idiotic reviews for this website?

kenyon said...

why are you being a MEAN JERK?

Anonymous said...

sorry. that was mean.