Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sarah June
In Black Robes (Silber)
release: February 16, 2010
sim: Cranes, Joanna Newsom, Cat Power
[rating: ****] The classical framework of Sarah June's guitar playing captures an uncommon style on the enchanting In Black Robes. Her reverbed, child-like vocals and dark lyrics cast light on the shadows of her days in Detroit. Though it's only her voice and a guitar (except for the jazz infused "Brand of Bitterness), June acheives haunting, un-ignorable pieces regarding the reaper, judgement day, skeletons and dreaming in black & white. There will be no talking when she's playing live. NONE! --Kenyon


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Summer People
Good Problems (Red Leader)
release: March 2, 2010
similar: Desaparecidos, Dusty Rhodes and the River Band, Built to Spill
[rating: ****] The eight members of this upstate New York troupe recorded this exciting blues-rock-folk explosion completely live, which was a smart move for their debut. Not that Good Problems is extra raw and gritty. In fact, songs are sharp, promising an equally welcoming concert performance with the right sound system. It never even becomes the mess that's expected, namely when Summer People go from a full-on emo folk rock attack to a soft, guitar-effect driven experiment or a heartfelt downtempo number with more reserved vocals. Some way, somehow, even a nine-minute drone in this album seems to make sense. -Kenyon


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This charming man.
Andy Rourke of the Smiths at the Crazy Donkey!

Rourke spun a rad set that included Joy Division, Happy Mondays, New Order, Blur, Pixies, David Bowie. Aside from being the bassist from one of the greatest bands of all time, he is also a super cool fellow.

andy and kenyon.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Adam Green > new album > mp3

Move side to side and clap. Now put your left foot foward and back in. Okay you got it! You're doing the "Castles and Tassels" dance. Adam Green had set his sights high with the ambitious Friends of Mine in 2003, and then killed hopes of becoming the next Burt Bacharach with the dreadful follow-up Gemstones (remember "Choke on a Cock", anyone?). Okay, so "No Legs" from Friends wasn't short on eyebrow-raising either. Already Green's sixth solo album, Minor Love (out next week), at least proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he's prolific as hell. "Castles and Tassels" joins the best of both of Green's musical worlds, featuring his deceptively playful baritone and a twangy bass. -Kenyon

"Castles and Tassels" [mp3]
The Postelles > tour dates with Hockey > new EP

This young NYC group harnesses the feel-goodness of early 60s pop along with the modern age of such bands as Locksley and the Strokes. Check out the innocence of "123 Stop" and "Boy's Best Friend" at their myspacey. Their White Night EP, produced with the Strokes' Albert Hammond Jr, is available March 2, 2010 via (Astralwerks / Capitol). These brave souls are gigging tonite (snowstorm?) and next wednesday at Bowery Electric NYC and then the WHO tribute and down the road for them is Bonnaroo, wooooo. -Kenyon


2/10/10 - Bowery Electirc - New York, NY
2/17/10 - Bowery Electric - New York, NY
3/2/10 - Carnegie Hall (The Who Tribute) - New York, NY

and then they got all these dates with the band HOCKEY

March 11th- 7th Street Entry (Minneapolis)
March 13th- Outland on Liberty (Ohio)
March 15th- Bowery Ballroom (NYC)
March 16th- Johnny Brendas (Philadelphia)
March 17th- Rock and Roll Hotel (DC)
March 18th- 21st- SXSW (Details TBA)
March 23rd- Mercy Lounge (Nashville)
March 24th- Drunken Unicorn (Atlanta)
March 25th- Cafe 11 (St. Augustine, Florida)
March 26th- Club Downunder (Tallahassee)
March 27th- Bottletree (Alabama)
March 29th- Thirsty Hippo (Mississippi)
March 30th- Spanish Moon (Louisiana)
April 1st- Warehouse Live (Houston)
April 2nd- Emo's Alternative (Austin)
April 3rd- The Loft (Dallas)
April 6th- Larimer Lounge (Denver)
April 8th- The Neurolux (Idaho)
April 10th- Wonder Ballroom (Portland)

Sunday, February 07, 2010

a-ha final tour! May 6 + 7, 2010 at Nokia Theater, NYC

a-ha continued to exist after 1986. And they had other good songs besides "Take on Me." But that still doesn't justify $42 ticket! boooo. They are actually only playing a few dates in the U.S, which i don't blame them for since they're better known elsewhere (they have dates in Brazil next month). $42 + fees + $15 train = not worth it for this particular show. Hunting High and Low remains a new wave touchstone. The latest album, from 2009, can be heard at the a-ha.com. -Kenyon

Thursday, February 04, 2010

rad out of towner bands at Stony Brook. Can't even believe it.

Small Black (Brooklyn)

The Spinto Band (Delaware)


Monday, February 01, 2010

EDGE wins 2010 Royal Rumble! just like I SAID he WOULD!
boo hoo shawn michaels. eff the bs music awards.

so for the first time ever i paid $45 goddamn dollars to view a WWE PPV. Royal Rumble is usually only the second or third biggest event after Wrestlemania, as well as the so-called ROAD to Wrestlemania. Overall the matches weren't too hot and only one championship changed hands, as Micky James defeated Michelle McCool in one minute. The best thing about the event, by far, was the return--after about 10 months from injury--of Edge. Since last March i had predicted that Edge would be the surprise entry for the 2010 Royal Rumble and the first person he would attack in the ring would be former tag team partner Chris Jericho. And Edge did EXACTLY would i said he would do (that's dramatic wrestling speak for you newbies). He goes to Wrestlemania. (This was very similar to the 2008 Rumble i actually went to, when John Cena was the surprise). Shawn Michaels was crying after going over the top rope cause he can't accept that he lost a chance to face the Undertaker at Wreslemania again. GET OVER IT! Photos taken from standard non-HD television.

Sheamus vs Randy Orton. awkward!

Christian vs Ezekiel Jackson. MORE awkward!

Cody, WTF? you stupid sh*t, jigsaw's testing you!

Orton vs Sheamus

After once again being the joke of the immature 5th grader Michelle McCool, MJ takes her title belt.

ummmm. choose your own comment.
other matches:
Undertaker defeats Rey Mysterio (heavyweight championship)
the Miz defeats MVP (United States championship, late addition match)