Monday, February 01, 2010

EDGE wins 2010 Royal Rumble! just like I SAID he WOULD!
boo hoo shawn michaels. eff the bs music awards.

so for the first time ever i paid $45 goddamn dollars to view a WWE PPV. Royal Rumble is usually only the second or third biggest event after Wrestlemania, as well as the so-called ROAD to Wrestlemania. Overall the matches weren't too hot and only one championship changed hands, as Micky James defeated Michelle McCool in one minute. The best thing about the event, by far, was the return--after about 10 months from injury--of Edge. Since last March i had predicted that Edge would be the surprise entry for the 2010 Royal Rumble and the first person he would attack in the ring would be former tag team partner Chris Jericho. And Edge did EXACTLY would i said he would do (that's dramatic wrestling speak for you newbies). He goes to Wrestlemania. (This was very similar to the 2008 Rumble i actually went to, when John Cena was the surprise). Shawn Michaels was crying after going over the top rope cause he can't accept that he lost a chance to face the Undertaker at Wreslemania again. GET OVER IT! Photos taken from standard non-HD television.

Sheamus vs Randy Orton. awkward!

Christian vs Ezekiel Jackson. MORE awkward!

Cody, WTF? you stupid sh*t, jigsaw's testing you!

Orton vs Sheamus

After once again being the joke of the immature 5th grader Michelle McCool, MJ takes her title belt.

ummmm. choose your own comment.
other matches:
Undertaker defeats Rey Mysterio (heavyweight championship)
the Miz defeats MVP (United States championship, late addition match)

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