Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Adam Green > new album > mp3

Move side to side and clap. Now put your left foot foward and back in. Okay you got it! You're doing the "Castles and Tassels" dance. Adam Green had set his sights high with the ambitious Friends of Mine in 2003, and then killed hopes of becoming the next Burt Bacharach with the dreadful follow-up Gemstones (remember "Choke on a Cock", anyone?). Okay, so "No Legs" from Friends wasn't short on eyebrow-raising either. Already Green's sixth solo album, Minor Love (out next week), at least proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he's prolific as hell. "Castles and Tassels" joins the best of both of Green's musical worlds, featuring his deceptively playful baritone and a twangy bass. -Kenyon

"Castles and Tassels" [mp3]

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