Monday, June 16, 2008

The Dials
Amoeba Amore
(No Fun)
release: May 26, 2008
style: garage power poppy rock 'n roll
[rating: ***] The Dials grab their guitars and throw them in the trunk of a 1975 Plymouth. Then they drive safely to their gig and rock the hell out. The quartet's rebellious 1960s and early 80s-inspired rock is sparkling with Farfisa and rubber-burning co-lead vocals from two semi-riot grrrrls. Following a very personal tragedy for them a few years ago, the Dials have triumphed with a Behind the Music-worthy story. The determination to continue resulted in opening for the Thermals, Tapes n Tapes and the Psychedelic Furs. Heck yea. -Kenyon

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