Saturday, June 21, 2008

friday i'm in love with the cure -[or]- say hello on a night like this.

The Cure June 20, 2008 New York City.
Night One - Section 203, Madison Square Garden.

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Wow wow wow. any serious fan of the cure last night at MSG could not have been disappointed with the performance and song selections. after postponing the original tour dates for which tickets went on sale A YEAR AGO, The Cure--currently Robert Smith, Simon Gallup, Porl Thompson, Jason Cooper--were exceedingly worth that wait. only complaint is the lameness of no keyboard player/Roger O'Donnell. most of the keyboard parts were replaced with guitar by Thompson and at times i would have much rather heard some warm synth than piercing guitar. The three hour set with three (?) encores covered a vast assortment of their catalog, with some usual expected songs (just like heaven, boys don't cry, in between days) and some surprises that caused me to flip out (push, the kiss, charlotte sometimes, hundred years, night like this). they started with a slow obscure song that might have been a new one or from wish [updated- see set list below], but immediately after they started pumping out one fantastic favorite after another. the crowd was very weak near the beginning, but the energy gradually increased when they played more popular, upbeat, dancey songs. by encore time and "close to me" and "boys don't cry," a lot more people were dancing and smiling etc. how people can sit the entire show, text message or leave to get a beer is hella lame. why are you even there? do you understand what is going on here? gee. thought it was sold out, but there were scattered empty seats, including right next to me, goody!

there were definitely magical moments going down aside from the cure playing "push" or "charlotte sometimes." there was a couple next to us and the guy proposed to his girlfriend right there and then. holy cow. even though i hate marriage, i high fived that guy cause i was in that good of a mood. met some awesome people too. thanks for helping to make this one of the best cure shows ever. i can't even believe i'm seeing them again tonight at Radio City Music Hall, the last date on the U.S tour. holy sh*t. and with opener 65daysofstatic, who totally destroyed. wasn't able to get any decent photos of them, will get good shots tonite for sure. gonna be in like 15th row from stage. don't know if i can handle it.

the incredible set list, not in order-

the only one (new), boy i never knew (new), prayers for rain, pictures of you, love song, lullaby, fascination street (?), edge of the deep green sea, friday i'm in love, to wish impossible things, end of the world, the kiss, if only tonight we could sleep, why can't i be you, just like heaven, hot hot hot, in between days, push, close to me, night like this, shake dog shake, one hundred years, charlotte sometimes, the walk, primary (!) , jumping someone else's train (!), boys don't cry, killing an arab, 10:15 saturday night. plus two or three lesser known songs and a couple of more new ones.

[updated proper set list]: Underneath The Stars, Prayers For Rain, A Night Like This, The End of the World, Lovesong, To Wish Impossible Things, Pictures of You, Lullaby, Fascination Street, From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea, The Perfect Boy, Hot Hot Hot, The Only One, Wrong Number, The Walk, Sleep When I'm Dead, Push, Friday I'm In Love, In between Days, Just Like Heaven, Primary, Shake Dog Shake, Charlotte Sometimes, One Hundred Years, Baby Rag Dog Book

1st encore: If Only Tonight We Could Sleep, The Kiss
2nd encore: Freakshow, Close To Me, Why Can't I Be You
3rd encore: Boys Don't Cry, Jumping Someone Else's Train, Grinding Halt, 10:15 Saturday Night, Killing An Arab

i've waited hours for this.

and so we watch the sun come up from the edge of the deep green sea.

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