Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Quitzow: Art College (Young Love)
release: June 10, 2008
style: indie electronic, indie pop
[rating: ****] In her press photo, Erica Quitzow is holding colorful balloons against a colorful background. Hot. Art College is hotter. She uses the best synthesizers (Moog, Korg, etc) and cleverly assembles her multi-tracked vocals, synths and beats. "Stay Away From John" is haunting and cute all at once, while she contrasts that by revealing sexxxiness for "Slept in My Car." "Cats R People 2" is just....hella awwwwsome. "Love" is unfortunately a complete day off. Otherwise Quitzow is on fire. -Kenyon


Setting Sun: Children of the Wild (Young Love)
release: June 10, 2008
style: acoustic indie folk love
[rating: ***] Not to be confused with the former name of the side project from members of Swervedriver and Interpol, this Setting Sun evokes the singer-songwriter with a backdrop of pond fishing and fields of fire. Lead by Gary Levitt and featuring frequent collaborator Quitzow, Children of the Wild was recorded in a 19th century home (so jealous). Topped by a Pete Yorn meets Joseph Arthur voice, Levitt's third album as Setting Sun is a welcoming display of organic, back-to-basics songwriting. Stay until the closing posi song "Happy Joy" (not to be confused with Ren and Stimpy). Goes great with potato salad, fruit punch and sandwiches. -Kenyon

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