Sunday, June 01, 2008

Jason Webley
The Cost of Living
release: June 24, 2008
style: gypsy-cabaret-folk-rock
[rating: ***] Jason Webley is a wierd dude. Maybe not as wierd and peculiar as he used to be, but still not the normal singer-songwriter. Four or five years ago he played at a bar where i used to DJ. He irked us at first, wearing a mask and doing some kind of old-tyme sea shanty thing with his accordion and stomping on the floor. By the end of his set, he had the crowd singing and dancing in a line. Although The Cost of Living is more conventional than that night, it includes elaborate arrangements with a minimal amount of instruments as well as some of the most accomplished cabaret-folk the Seattle-based Webley has composed. And don't get the wrong idea. Webley's music is actually dark. Joined by his backing group on drums, viola, bass, etc, the finest segments include the grim "Disappear," "Meet Your Bride" and "Ways to Love." Acoustic guitar takes the place of accordion on "Back to You Again," opening a whole new door. -

Webley is currently in Europe:

June 3 - Ceské Budejovice, CZECH - Klub Velbloud
June 4 - Bratislava, SLOVAKIA - Sub Club
June 5 - Vienna, Austria - Vorstadt
June 6 - Budapest, HUNGARY - Siraly
June 8 - Chisinau, MOLDOVA - Mihai National Theater
June 10 - Paris, FRANCE - Studo de L'ermitage
June 13 - Utrecht, NETHERLANDS - dB Studio
June 14 -Netherlands - Beekestijn Pop Festival
June 15 - Hoorn, NETHERLANDS - SWAF
June 17 - London, UK - The Green Note
June 19 - Exeter, UK - Northbridge Inn
June 20 - Brighton, UK - The Cowley Club
June 21 - Southampton, UK - The Homestead

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