Monday, June 16, 2008

Podington Bear: The End (Hush)
release: June 28, 2008
style: electronic, ambient, keyboard
[rating: **] Part of a 10-CD work that was podcasted (get it?) these instrumentals originate from a Portland musician who will not reveal his/her identity. Pooh. Ranging from twinkly ("Bargaining") to dramatic ("Fury"), The End is meant to be a concept album regarding the response to death and dying. There are plenty of songs and albums about death and dying. This isn't the one in which to put faith. If one wasn't aware of the theme, "Ebullience" and "Acceptance" are little more than elevator music. At least "Grief" includes a harp. When do we hear harps anymore? Sure, it's impressive to churn out a million songs and a 10-cd box set, but this hardly feels like closure. -Kenyon

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