Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Latterman: ...We Are Still Alive (Deep Elm)
release: August 22, 2006
styles: Positive Punk
similar: Against Me!, Lawrence Arms, Hot Water Music
rating: ****

For a while, it seemed like Latterman wouldn't ever be able to continue the momentum from the first full-length. It was probably the best record released from a Long Island band in 2002, and after a hiatus it looked like the local band wouldn't get the recognition deserved. Since reconvening, Latterman has never sounded better on ...We are Still Alive or on the second album released only a year ago. Now on respected label Deep Elm (as of this typing, Latterman is on the website's splashy page), their irresistable anthemic do-or-die posi-shout-along-punk can reach hundreds more disaffected youth who just want to have a good time. -Kenyon

Some Action: The Band that Sucked the Life out of Rock n Roll and Killed itself in the Process (Gigantic)
release: October 3, 2006 (the future!)
styles: garage rock 'n' roll punk
similar: the Stooges, L.E.S Stitches,
rating: ***

Wild, unruly old school rock n roll from New York City that knows its place in music. The "ballad" is a nice break from the other standard punk punches here. Might be more fun live. -Kenyon

The Shut-Ups: The Stud Album (Fraudulent)
release: ????
styles: Pop-Rock
similar: Barenaked Ladies, Blotto
rating: *

On the surface the Stud Album is plain, friendly pop/rock from some regular guys. Below surface, it's condescending (hence the frontman's name, Don Condescending) and not very good at being suggestive. "But I'm a Sexxor and I'm gonna get my way now. Cuz nothing wets her like naivete, she smells her prey." Let's assume the Shut-Ups have a tongue in a cheek. ps how'd you get my address? -Kenyon


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