Friday, September 01, 2006

TRS-80: Mystery Crash (One Cell)
release: August 1, 2006
styles: Cool electronic
similar: Decomposure, Ratatat, ISAN

rating: ****

TRS-80--named after an early computer--formed around 1997, when big beat was big. By the following year, they got a gig with Death in Vegas. And like Death in Vegas, it's refreshing to hear that this Chicago trio has gone on to explore an atmospheric, darker percussion-driven side of electronic. Mystery Crash is one of the few electronic records this year so far that doesn't feel like someone randomly pressing buttons. It has a consistent, urgent mood made possible by non-intrusive beats and dazzling synth. One such example is the Orb-influenced "I Have Friends," which has a female speaking role reminiscent of the Orb's "Little Fluffy Clouds." Aside from this record, TRS-80 has a whole resume of accomplishments ranging from music in television ads to a date with Sisters of Mercy. Easily one of Chicago's best kept secrets. -Kenyon


Joe said...

I've been looking for this everywhere but I don't think their new label gets distribution as good as the one they used to be on. I might have to order it online.

Anonymous said...

Go to www.Onecellrecords.com for a copy of TRS-80 MYSTERY CRASH. or check out Itunes!!!!