Thursday, September 14, 2006

Pretenders getting acknowledged on VH1 Classics Decades Rock Live, broadcast October 20. includes guests Iggy Pop, Shirley Manson, Kings of Leon (blech?) & Incubus (blech). Incubus and The Pretenders duet on "Message of Love." noooooooo! hold on i'm not done yet....nooooooooooooo! what i want to know is what members of the Pretenders will be there aside from Chrissie Hynde. werd.
Built to Spill . all you people like Built to Spill. there's nothing bad to say about Built to Spill.

Oct 3 Warsaw Brooklyn, NY
Oct 4 Irving Plaza New York, NY
Oct 5 Irving Plaza New York, NY
Oct 6 Irving Plaza New York, NY
for the 3 fans of the Black Crowes who read this blog: now on tour, two members suddenly departed, new record due in 2007. "She Talks to Angels" still a great song.

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