Sunday, September 03, 2006

recently viewed.

House of Wax (2005) Cringe-inducing gore and violence, above-average special effects for a horror film. You first have to sit through the quiet, stagnant first half before the action begins. worth $7

Skeleton Key (2005) Voodoo? Hoodoo. Curiosity will get you into major trouble down South. Takes a little thinking to put the pieces together once you get to the surprise twist ending, which is not a happy ending for the lead character. worth $6

Near Dark (1987) There are numerous factors that make Near Dark unlike other vampire films. One is that the word "vampire" is never used. worth $8

Date Movie (2006) Hopefully this wasn't complete career suicide for Alyson Hannigan. She's way too good for this huge pile of trash. Congrats if you can sit through the whole thing. The jokes (if you can call them that) must have been written by a third-grader. Date Movie's (if you can call it a movie) only value is that it's evidence of just how bad Hollywood comedies have sunk. Also, I think we can all agree that anyone else can do a better impression of Napoleon Dynamite. God help us. worth $0

The Hills Have Eyes (unrated version, 2006) One of the few remakes that surpass the original. Freaks for gore won't be disappointed after getting through the uneventful first half. Intense. worth $9

The Hills Have Eyes (1977) The problem is that the mutants are not mysterious and don't look or behave like mutants. $3

Hide and Seek (2005) The surprise twist ending isn't all that obvious. A few loose ends that never tie together prevent this psychological thriller from being complete, which is probably why it got a lot of bad reviews. worth $5

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