Thursday, June 22, 2006

Dirty on Purpose: Hallelujah Sirens (North Street)
release: June 27, 2006
similar: Yo La Tengo, All Natural Lemon and Lime Flavors, Appleseed Cast, Pale Saints styles: Indie Rock, Dream Pop
rating: ****

Dirty on Purpose first hit the spot with the darling Sleep Late for a Better Tomorrow EP which easily measured up to early 90s shoegazers the Pale Saints. The release of the long-awaited Hallelujah Sirens is the band's big starting point for the summer and with the girlish-boyish vocals and tranquil chiming guitars, it's a dreamy record that holds a lot of brilliance and only slightly comes up short of being the classic that the EP hinted at. Even so, it's still a solid debut full-length with lots to explore and appreciate, and smartly expands on the ideas of Sleep Late. The songs reverberate with quiet harmonies, pink noise guitar washes and an underlying mysticism. Hallelujah! -Kenyon

Various Artists: GU10 (Global Underground)
release: June 20, 2006
styles: dance, electronic, DJ, house

If you're gonna listen to dance mixes like this, make sure not to listen to it through a player that doesn't allow tracks to freely flow from one to the next. When there's a pause (like the dumb player i'm using now), it defeats the purpose of these mixes. you gotta hear those beats matching. I may use this hook again for another review if i can't think of anything. This three-disc set celebrates Global Underground's 10 years in action, and features an abundance of its electronic euphoria since its inception. The first two cds compile tracks from the back catalog, most of which only those familar with the genres will know. Aside from Underworld, Fatboy Slim, Felix da Housecat and a few more, i've never heard of these people. I don't think they've heard of me either. oh! good one! The third cd is mostly house tracks from the early 90s. I'm glad to say i was listening to dream and Brit pop at the time. -Kenyon

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