Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mink: Mink (Spitfire)
release: August 28, 2007
style: power pop rock 'n roll
rating: *** Mink's home cooking new york city rock n roll features a singer that was a finalist on Rock Star: INXS (ugh! hated that whole show and concept). He got eliminated from the show early, but i think that opening for Kiss is more respectable than trying to fill the place of Michael Hutchence. Mink has already written tons of songs, enough for 5 records. Aren't you jealous? Here's a few. "Madame Chung" has some hooky hook, "Talk to Me" has a Strokes-like rhythm with the vocal and guitar strength of Cheap Trick. "Pressure Pressure" is almost too straightforward and conventional, but that happens few enough times to give this a thumbs up. "Will not Let You Down" is pure end-of-set rock ballad and one of a few songs that are cleaner and more harmonizing than say, comparable bands the Strokes or Mooney Suzuki. I bet this is a huge record for their label and publicist. -Kenyon Hopkin

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