Friday, August 24, 2007

LAME. the solution is to stop making records! der. xoxoxox.

North American Fall 2007 Cure shows re-scheduled for Spring

8/24/2007 5:58:28 AM - by CURE:ROBERT

With all apologies for any inconvenience or disappointment it may cause, we have made a decision to move the September/October 2007 North American Cure shows to April/May 2008. The schedule as it stands only gives us a couple of weeks to finish our new double album before we hit the road again, and we know this just isn’t enough time to complete the project to our total satisfaction. Although this last month’s tour of Australasia showed that a great Cure show is not dependent on a new Cure album, it has to be remembered that we hadn’t played Australia for 7 years, New Zealand for 15 years, Japan for 23 years(!), and Singapore or Hong Kong ever before – so the absence of ‘new’ songs in the set was not really much of an issue.
However, we want to remodel/rework the live show for North America, change things around, incorporate new songs… and we need time and focus to do this. So although we can agree it is a great shame to move these dates – believe us we have been looking forward to them more than anyone! – and know there will be a lot of disappointed people out there, we honestly feel that in the bigger picture we are making the right decision. All tickets held for all 2007 North American Cure shows will be valid for the re-scheduled 2008 shows, and of course anyone who seeks a refund will be able to get one.All validity/refund/rescheduling details will be announced as soon as we have them.

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