Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Donnas get Bitchin'; kick off tour mid-September
four new songs on myspacey, record officially drops September 18, 2007
kenyon attempts to write typical headline and sub-headline

the donnas are like the Sloan of girl hard rock. it's like, they just *had a record out. so prolific, how can you not be jealous. this party hard rockin hard rock phase of theirs isn't even funny. look at that album cover for Bitchin'. i mean COME ON. motley crue and dokken all the way. this is the first time, however, that the members are not pictured on the cover. that's cool cause otherwise it can get absurdly self-significant. the guitar riffs on the four songs up are extra metal thick and the members look the part. you have to admire their ability to plow through all these styles of rock n roll even if they've all been done before to death. they've parted ways with that major label Atlantic and started their own label. werd, major labels. who needs them!? yea. them and plastic bags and most of the current sitcoms on television.

The Chemical Brothers. block rockin beats baby.

Sept 21 New York, NY Hammerstein Ballroom
Sept 22 Brooklyn, NY McCarren Pool
Sept 24 Chicago, IL Riviera
Sept 26 Denver, CO The Fillmore
Sept 28 San Francisco, CA The Concourse
Sept 29 Los Angeles, CA Nocturnal

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