Friday, November 06, 2009

The Fourth Kind (2009) [rating: **] Unless you need to look at this as a case study on case studies for alien abductions, the Fourth Kind is best to be avoided as a movie with entertainment value. Being very interested in alien life and anything related to it, i was anxious for some "disturbing" images. But instead I was rolling my eyes regularly for at least the first 30 minutes, during cliche hypnosis scenes that were in annoying split screens with "actual footage." The sequence of events were equally train-wrecked. First I was wondering if it was just me not being smart enough to follow. But then i realized, no! This movie is just inept! It doesn't help that the acting by the kids who portrayed the children of Dr. Abigail Tyler, the center of the investigation, were as riveting as a cheap made for Lifetime movie. But this isn't even integral to the allegedly real story about fourth kind encounters in Alaska that disrupted the lives of so many people. So many holes and questions. Where to begin? Why is someone under hypnosis always awaken by the therapist just before they are gonna find an answer? How can a guy being hypnotised levitate and produce an alien voice (albeit when the video footage is conviently scrambled)? Can an alien possess a human? Why is the policeman, the only one that saw the alien ship over Tyler's home, never heard from again in the movie? If this is such an important story to tell, then why ruin it and embarrass the people on whom this is based? One of the most troubling sections of the Fourth Kind is when Tyler is recording her own voice, falls asleep, and then a minute later some aliens come in and abuse her. No way the aliens would come that quick and no way she would be in that deep of a sleep that quick. When she was later hypnotized, she was recalling what appeared to be her own abduction that happened prior to her daughter being taken. And yet she's yelling, "give her back!" Are they aliens? Or other? What is their purpose? We do not know. And the characters in this mess are too dumb to even think of asking. -Kenyon

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