Saturday, November 24, 2012

the Mynabirds "Body of Work"

Following her live band membership in Bright Eyes, Laura Burhenn continues to lead the sprightly Mynabirds. Released as a 7" with an origami sleeve, "Body of Work" is off the Mynabirds' second album, Generals, released mid-2012 via Saddle Creek. Mynabirds is now based in Omaha, just like Saddle Creek, yay. The earthy, artistic video for "Body" matches the song's organic glow. Comparable to Florence and the Machine making love to Lykke Li in a dense forest. -Kenyon

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Besma Lucy said...

I love this! Great find - I can definitely hear the Lykke Li in there too. May have to write a little post about you/this on my blog :) x