Tuesday, August 16, 2005


What in the world could country-rock band My Morning Jacket have in common with Kanye West, Jude Law, Jay-Z, Bill Clinton? Besides being, well, people? According to Esquire magazine, they are all some of the "Best Dressed Men in the World." Yea, I also thought it was a typo. I mean, Bill Clinton, best dressed? Why, cause he was president? But seriously now, MMJ? The band "looks the way it sounds," says Esquire. Oh gee. That's just so nice of you to notice, Esquire.

Other listees are Coldplay's Chris Martin (why, cause he's the singer?) and Franz Ferdinand frontman Alex Kapranos (why, cause he's the singer?). Kenyon Hopkin wasn't on the list only because Esquire never saw him singing on a Friday night.

For a fuller story see this article in USA Today, which has a Top 20 list that actually goes to 21. Must be a Spinal Tap thing.

Bill Clinton's got nothing on My Morning Jacket.

In related, and more important MMJ news, the band's latest record, Z, will be out October 4, with a US tour beginning October 6 (Oct. 18 in New York, expect a detailed review from Shannon). Did I mention that USA Today can't count? -Kenyon

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