Saturday, August 06, 2005

Last night California's Dusty Rhodes and the River Band played at the UltraSoundLounge (where I DJ) and I can easily say, hands down, they were one of the best touring bands I've seen at the club. And being there nearly every week for the past year and a half, I've seen quite a lot of bands. Sort of a fusion between folk, rock, country and prog (they cite Woody Guthrie, Yes, the Band and Hank Williams as some influences), they basically can capture your attention after one song (oh whoops, that sounded cliche). They're that damn good. The instrumentation for the six-member group included violin and accordion, enhancing an already brilliant set. Good energy, good tunes. If I start a promotion company for bands not on Long Island, these people would be one of my first picks. They're not on a label yet, but expect that to change and assume you will hear them on my radio show. --Kenyon

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