Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Dear and Glorious Physician: s/t (New Granada)
release: now?
style: Indie Rock
rating: **

While this band consisting of four siblings (two brothers and two sisters) doesn't stand out among any other rock bands I've heard lately, there's a familiar boy/girl vocal and a rugged guitar, bass and drum attack that I can't quite pinpoint. It's comfortable in the '90s indie rock era, that's for sure. Dear and Glorious Physician (which is, after Googling the name, also a book title from 1958) straddle punk and noise-rock, and there's some basslines worth moving to but they need to do more than dress in solid white outfits to get my attention cause the tunes aren't exactly doing it......awkward! -Kenyon
Light Yourself on Fire: s/t EP (Kiss of Death)
release: now?
style: Hardcore metal
rating: ???

Oh good, it's been a while since I listened to sh*t like this. And because band names with the words "die", "I", "kill" and "me" were getting exhaustive, it's, um, refreshing to hear a name like Light Yourself on Fire. This very brutal band, with growling vocals and heavy heavy guitars calls its style "power death" and they claim one of their influences was Joy Division. Really. -Kenyon
Monikers: Eat Your Young EP (Kiss of Death)
release: now?
style: old school punk just before punk got real popular
rating: ***

Thank you Monikers for restoring the idea that diy pop-punk still exists. In fact, the band (which includes the ex-guitarist of Discount) is straight out of 1993, and you wish you could be seeing them this weekend playing with Jawbreaker and Green Day at some little place like CBGB or the Continental. -Kenyon

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