Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fairmont: Wait & Hope (Go For Broke)
release: June 12, 2007
style: raw indie rock
similar: the Hold Steady
rating: *1/2
These guys are pissed off. They went through some hell with previous record labels, so you can't blame them. The lyrics are emo-like but who knows, this venting might be directed at business associates rather than girls. Check it out- "you ruined everything/you're the reason why i sing" and then the very next song the guy is like, "i'd do anything to ruin you." jeez. Okay that's all fine and good and depressing music is great but then in "At the End of the Movie" it's "let's quit our jobs, kill our pets, bury them in our backyard." jesus, enough. Add to that the throaty/whiney/annoying vocals and Wait & Hope, with the exception of "Today i was Thinking About You," is a big bummer. -Kenyon


Husker Don't said...

Worst review ever, amazing record from beginning to end. The pissed off parts are the best parts and obviously you just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

FAIRMONT - Wait & Hope (www.fairmontmusic.com) Fairmont makes some wickedly awesome rock & roll noise! Studied and intense, they sometimes pretend to be Dramarama (and that's a good thing), using their evident talent to make a very enjoyable record. Catchy, anthemic songs like "Wait & Hope," or "At the End of the Movie," are written with tireless exuberance, and come from a batch of songs that are full of excess passion. Energetic dance-rockers with catchy melodies, period. That alone should be enough to get you buy this album. Fairmont have the musical finesse to pull off the fine balance between old school rock & roll and a more modern sound. There are no half-cocked ideas, or stabs at any type of techno-glam, or polishing up of the music. What you hear is what you get. Twelve really good songs with blue-collar wisdom (("Year Book" is a fine example), amidst a barrage of janglely, heartfelt pop rock. This is a band that seems to want global domination with these hits and near-hits. Plus they have enough mojo to make you want to check oit their live show too. Fairmont is a damn good rock and roll band, that will throw you a few curves and surprise the hell out of you at times. They have my vote for one of the Top Ten Albums of the year! - Phil Rainone

Anonymous said...

You rate stuff according to Cure albums and you don't bother to include their best one? Three Imaginary Boys?

Anonymous said...


You listen to Nine Inch Nails and A ton of The Cure and you think Fairmont are pissed off? Isn't that kind of the lyrical style of all your favorite bands? Then you have a problem with a joke song like At The End Of The MOVIE? Doesn't the Cure have a song called Killing an Arab? isn't that kind of the same type deal? ridiculous lyrics but a great song? You seem dumb and it's a shame then when I searched for my friends Fairmont the first review that pops up is this lame excuse for a review. Maybe you'd like to listen to an album more then once, maybe a quick listen isn't gonna work for you because I think you totally miss the big picture that these guys are pretty original and genius in a sort of way.

Sincerely Yours,
Pissed off Grrrrl: Katie K.

kenyon said...

wow, i'm a jerk huh.