Monday, June 11, 2007

Moonbabies: At the Ballroom (Hidden Agenda)
release: May 29, 2007
styles: atmospheric indie pop with electronics
rating: ***1/2
The Moonbabies are travellers in outerspace. I know this because they are dressed in astronaut gear in their press photo and video for "War on Sound." At the Ballroom isn't completely drugged-out space rock though. The Swedish duo's fourth album (oh wow, i remember getting an early recording on cassette!) is equal parts indie pop, space rock and electronic. The trippy "Cocobelle," featuring old-sounding orchestra strings, is something else altogether, comparable to the Flaming Lips' otherworldlyness. And check "Shout it Out"- got some Magnetic Fields in there. No i mean seriously. It's the melody from "Saddest Story Ever Told." Moonbabies are go! -Kenyon

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