Friday, June 22, 2007

The Polyphonic Spree
The Fragile Army (TVT/Good)
release: June 19, 2007
style: huge symphonic pop
similar: no one!
rating: ****
Dizzying yet blissful, the third work from the 20+ member Polyphonic Spree (now with matching black military outfits with peace symbols patched on) opens with a jolt of energy which contains so much instrumentation and vocal parts it will make you spin. So several more listens will be required till the spinning stops. One of the fullest sounding records in memory, the Fragile Army is also more musically powerful and less (for them at least) sunshiney than their two other albums. There's a few spots that even have a dark undertone. "Watch Us Explode (Justify)", "The Championship" and other "sections" can be applied like instructions for celebrating and overcoming any obstacle. This is what heaven sounds like. Did someone say that already? Darn. Well if they didn't I'm saying it now. And if they did....this is what *love* sounds like. -Kenyon


Anonymous said...

The Spree always make me want to take a half hit of mescaline and drink a six-pack.

Anonymous said...

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