Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mazes: s/t (Parasol)
release: March 3, 2009
style: indie pop
similar: Great Lakes, Camera Obscura, Ivy League
[rating: ****] Up till now, Mazes--who owe a great deal to Scottish indie pop bands--was a secret band from a couple of the members of 1900s. Joined by a friend, the trio is only a few shades of green away from 1900s in the indie pop psychedelia spectrum. This project is more fragile musical and lyrically ("you give your love up/give it all up/when i lay in the darkness I doubt"). The self-titled debut is actually not so dark. The bright harmonies are fluent as they decorate the emotions of "Manual Systems" and "Things I Threw in the Well." -Kenyon


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