Saturday, March 28, 2009

Green Pajamas
Poison in the Russian Room
(Hidden Agenda)
release: April 28, 2009
style: sikey delik indie rock
[rating: ***1/2] The Pajamas have had so many releases just within the last seven years, it's been a non-existent trip to hold steady on the Seattle band's silky post-hippy psychness. Finally, i found i owed it to the band that i listen to a whole damn record of theirs and well before the release date to boot. Poison, a concept album divided into two parts, is a work that can rise above any notion that the band has only been re-issuing old recordings. Yes, Green Pajamas is a very silly name for a band. Even so, describing the band as a flowerchild birthday by early Pink Floyd and the Warlocks is a high compliment. "Any Way the Wind Blows" is especially delightful. -Kenyon


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