Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pet Shop Boys. new album April 21. new video for "Love, Etc".

I know, i know. The Pet Shop Boys haven't been relevant since like 1991. Post the latest Metric video and move onto the next Presets concert. Some of you were only little babies/not born yet when "West End Girls" came out, and you probably know that one song from them. But when you see and hear that video medley of all the Pet Shop Boys singles/hits, you realize they actually had a very impressive career with like 20 great singles while paving the way for accessible disco-pop. The first single from their tenth album, simply titled Yes, sounds very 1993 for them and retains their signature style, which is okay. No harm, no foul. Album releases by Astralwerks on April 21, 2009. -Kenyon


Divisible said...

Still relevant...but I have to say that the new Metric record is pretty good.

Shola from Divisible
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Blas said...

That video is awesome, this is the first time I have ever listen to them and I thank you for exposing me to this song! Thanks