Saturday, August 08, 2009

WWE Smackdown/ECW
at Nassau Coliseum, Long Island.
August 4, 2009. Aired on NY Channel 9 August 7.

matches included: jeff hardy vs CM punk (2.5 matches), christian vs tommy dreamer (extreme rules), rey mysterio vs mike knox, john morrison vs smaller guy from the stupid hart dynasty, mike knox vs dolf ziggler vs finlay vs r-truth (fatal 4-way for championship match at summer slam), chris jericho vs JTG, great khali vs ricky ortiz (with kane attacking).

big russian guy vs huge black dude. and a small white dude on floor.

favorite current intro theme music

E! C! W! Tommy Dreamer also brought out a hotdog cart with hotdogs.

notes: rare appearance of mr. mcmahon. tommy dreamer with hotdog cart and hotdogs, kane dragging khali's manager through the crowd, really boring talking at beginning of ECW (shelton benjamin, zakk ryder), CM punk laying in ring till the very very end, matt hardy guest outside ref helping jeff win, no women's match.

John Morrison intro.

Hart Dynasty won't last long. I bet they go to TNA.

white rice? welllll it's the BIG SHOW. and his music is terrible
when mashed with Chris Jericho's.

tallest wrestler ever.

build the cage! faster! get more helpers!

building cage was a waste of time. this match was a quick extra after the
real show was over and it lasted one minute.

CM punk waiting for the ref to tell him that everyone in the arena has left.

he's still there. bizarre.

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