Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lost Kisses: My Life is Sad & Funny DVD (Silber) Crudely drawn comics can have a charm or even a message. As long as that message makes sense, isn't an inside joke, and actually makes you think. Using the most simplistic stick figures possible, Brian John Mitchell--who conviently has the same initials as Brian Jonestown Massacre--offers 10 self-examining teen angsty stories involving death, moral issues and relationships while the stick figures add witty and thought-provoking banter.

Accompanying a slide show-like DVD of the original 2" x 2" printed versions is dark ambient drone by Silber artist Small Life Form, which makes the whole thing more original and eerie. Each story is about 5 minutes long and most frames make a statement within their own story (stuff like "does it mean i'm old that i watch the news?"). What happens in the stories are definitely plausible, and the question arises as to whether or not the author actual had that experience or if it was embellished or just complete fiction. The drawings call out for repairs in hopes of improving their craftmanship (I would love to see it more fully realized). At the same time it reflects the repairs needed for the characters. Extras include a few other, non-related Lost Kisses comics by BJM with a guest artist. -Kenyon

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