Saturday, January 02, 2010

Aarktica: In Sea (Silber)
style: icy ambient
[rating: ***1/2] The sixth outing from Jon DeRosa's Aarktica is another spacious and sparse record, an alternate-reality of darkish ambience resulting from hearing loss in one ear, first surfacing on 2000's No Solace in Sleep. On In Sea, he pays tribute to his mentors, who taught him to rely on physical vibrations of instruments. Unlike some previous recordings, this one is solely guitar and an antique pump organ. DeRosa even sings on "Hollow Earth Theory," which may have been best saved for a vocals album. An odd choice for a cover, "Am I Demon?" by Danzig, closes the album, Aarktica style. "Onward" and "Young Light" are the centerpiece, directing seagulls across the waters and onto distant shores. -Kenyon


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