Sunday, March 07, 2010

The Megaphonic Thrift >> super sonic new band from Norway. They are so new they aren’t even on wikipedia. The interweaving, swirling guitars in “Exploding Eyes” and “Acid Blues” calls for a band that is the starchild of Flaming Lips, Uncut and Sonic Youth. Coming to NYC and then at SXSW. This video for "Acid Blues" rules like there's no tomorrow. It's doing that thing with televisions previously made cool in Asia's "Only Time will Tell." --Kenyon

The Megaphonic Thrift in NYC:
3/14 @ Littlefield - Scandinavian Day Party
3/15 @ Santos Party House - Oya/Oh My Rockness w/The Depreciation Guild, Pirate Love, Hanne Hukkelberg

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