Friday, May 21, 2010

Midnight Juggernauts > new video + gigs + album May 28, 2010
Finally something that sounds and looks like it's from 2010, all futuristic and fresh space travel rock n roll. I got dibs to DJ this, i called it! Those twisting liquified people though, geez why are they doing that? Just to show that they CAN? The Crystal Axis blops May 28 digitally and August 31 physically. -Kenyon

dates with the nite

Thursday, July 22 @ Santos - New York, NY
Friday, July 23 @ Voyeur - Philadelphia, PA
Saturday, July 24 @ Brooklyn Bowl - Brooklyn, NY
Monday, July 26 @ The Echo - Los Angeles, CA
Tuesday, July 27 @ Cinespace - Los Angeles, CA

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