Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My Morning Jacket: Okonokos concert DVD/CD
released: October 31, 2006
rating: *****

It seems like overkill for a band to not only release a live DVD while they're still on tour but release it only a year after the last proper album. Having just seen the country-rock-ethereal My Morning Jacket for real (see below), it was an unusual chance to experience a very similar performance via DVD so soon. All the songs here sound phenomenal and the band uses the lighting to its advantage on a stage decorated with plant life and stuffed animals. Aside from each wonderful song sounding incredible on its own, the very little time they take between each song keeps the momentum going as well as perplexes me how they barely take a breather. Just when you're trying to finish processing how good one song is, the next one, whether it's from Z or It Still Moves or a random gem from frontperson Jim James' early recordings. Before the concert actually starts, there's some irrelevant wierd stuff going on with a party circa 1900 involving people and animals which flows into the concert. It makes Okonokos a little more surreal than your average concert recording. -Kenyon

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