Tuesday, December 26, 2006

new SHINS via video shot by fans. this is the first single from upcoming record out in January.
MTV reality competition show I'm from Rolling Stone starts January 7 and the candidates for the editing position are behaving like they're on vacation. Sure enough, 2.5 minutes into this 5-minute promo they start getting called on that. These guys were chosen from a pool of thousands of applicants? note the assignment for Lollapalooza. I thought Lollapaloza died like 10 years ago.
The Cure’s Festival 2005 DVD was released December 5. This concert features guitarist Porl Thompson, part of the quintessential Cure line-up circa 1985-1993. I'll watch this after I'm done with the Cure in Orange on youtube. could take a while.
no, seriously, that last record from Brand New was hot. here are tracks from latest, if your connection doesn't fail.

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