Monday, April 02, 2007

Palomar: All Things, Forests (Misra)
released: March 20, 2007
style: indie poppy rock!
rating: ****
Since their formation in 1998, Palomar have traipsed the indie easy streets of Brooklyn, humbly perfecting pop. Despite risky line-up changes, their fourth album, All Things, Forests maintains all the cutsey power pop hooks and effortlessly pretty harmonies you’ve come to expect of these gals (and guy!, Dale Miller, who is endearingly shunned in nearly every recent photo of the group). The record lives up to its sort of somber cover art, showing off the band’s mature, more serious side. Life’s no bowl of cherries, but Palomar makes even the darkest parts sound awfully sweet with catchy tracks like, "You're Keeping Us Up" and "Woah!!". -Shannon

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