Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Blow: Poor Aim- Love Songs (K)
release: April 24, 2007
styles: innocent indie electronic
rating: ***1/2
Although i have so far missed out on the Blow's proper record from last year, i knew Poor Aim- Love Songs (a previously limited-release EP, here with 7 remixes) would for now do the trick. Main girl Khaela is always lovable, layering her vocals over bouncy synth and drum machine beats and claps. On this collaboration with officially added member Jona (aka YACHT), they open with Khaela wonding why a boy didnt call her (maybe she came on too strong? maybe he's gay?). Later on, she shows she knows more about getting boys than she lets on in "Let's Play Boys Chase Girls". On "Come on Petunia" the Blow takes lyrics from "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic," which is tons better than Chris Sligh's version. Tracks 8-14 are remixes that play more as electro and experimental dance tracks, adding beats and additional vocals. I'm trying to keep the blog free of images of cats. I'll make an exception cause that cat appears to have one eye and these songs are mad cute. -Kenyon

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